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Frequently Asked Questions

Job consultancies can assist you in various ways. They can provide access to a broader range of job opportunities, connect you with potential employers, offer guidance on resume/CV preparation and interview techniques, and negotiate job offers on your behalf.
In most cases, job seekers do not have to pay a fee to the job consultancy. The consultancy typically charges a fee to the client companies for their services. However, it's advisable to clarify this with the job consultancy before engaging their services.
The time it takes to find a job through a job consultancy can vary depending on factors such as your qualifications, the demand for your skills, the current job market, and the specific job requirements. Some job seekers find employment quickly, while others may take longer. The job consultancy will work to identify suitable opportunities based on your profile and actively communicate with you throughout the process.
Yes, many job consultancies provide career guidance services, including helping individuals with job transitions. They can offer advice on career planning, skill development, and opportunities for career growth or advancement.
To increase your chances of getting a job through a job consultancy, ensure that your resume/CV is well-crafted and tailored to match the job requirements. Be proactive in communicating with the consultancy, promptly responding to their inquiries, and attending any scheduled interviews. Additionally, stay updated with your skills and industry trends to enhance your marketability.